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How to use user defined C++ types in Slice

#ifndef HELLO_ICE
#define HELLO_ICE


// in GridData.h
//    struct GridDatum { ... };
//    typedef std::deque<GridDatum> GridData;

module SRR

    interface SRRData
        idempotent void sendGridData(GridData data);
        idempotent void sendGridPoint(float east, float south, int id);
        void shutdown();


I am trying to use my own defined types. The above Slice snippet illustrates what I am trying to do. The few comment lines indicate what is in GridData.h where my types are defined. I tried the a lot of variations on the "cpp:type] metadata without success.

How do I use my own data types?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Rud,

    C++ does not have serializable types like Java and C#, so you need to tell Ice how to serialize the C++ objects you want to transmit as sequence<byte> (or sequence of some other type).

    This is done through StreamHelper templates, as described in C++ Mapping for Sequences - Ice 3.5 - ZeroC.

    For a complete working example, I recommend the Protocol Buffers lab release: ZeroC Labs: Protocol Buffers. And then replace the PB by your own type or type-family.