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Ice Qt Necessitas Android

Hi Guys,

Also has anyone managed to use the qt extension called "necessitas" along with Ice for android??


Dr. Suraj Nair


  • Ice & Android & Qt

    I tried this already and got partly a success
    I could compile IceE using the NDK (native c++) and after some patches on the source code and makefiles i could compile it.
    I could make a Qt (QML) application and used IceE and the application performed as an Ice client. This works, even with IceGrid registration server lookup.
    I tried the same but now the application used as a server. This crashes as soon an Ice object is added to an Ice object adapter. It looks it has nothing todo with the combination of Qt. Making a native android ice server application behaves exactly the same. Crashes as soon an Ice object is added to the object adapter.
    I could compile also Ice 3.5.1 with Android NDK (Only libIce and libIceUtil). I hoped to get rid of the crash, but the behavior is exactly the same!
    I tried to do the same on a Raspbery PI, here everything works (using same sources of ice). So it seems the problem is related to the combination of Android NDK and Ice(E). I have no idea for the moment where the problem lies....