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Load Balancing Question

I very new to ICE, I just downloaded it last week and ran some of the demos.

One of the thing i wanted to accomplish with ICE is load balancing client requets.

Currently I work in a project where we use clustered application servers (JBos servers to be specific). Client web request are currently load balanced via a front end Apache server (using mod_jk).

I would like to have ICE services embedded in each of the JBoss servers.

However, I do not want ICE to start, stop, or deploy the JBoss application server.

So say I had 3 clustered JBoss app server instances and I had an ICE service on each one.
I want an ICE client to load balance against all 3 instances.

If one of the JBoss app servers goes down (or is brought down), I want the ICE client to load balance on the 2 remaining app servers.

If two of the JBoss app servers are dowm, I want the ICE client to simply go to the one remaining instnace.

If any of the JBoss app servers are brought back, I want the ICE client to again load balance on the instances that are up.

Is there a way to do this or must ICE be in control of starting/stopping instances?


  • I tried load balancing with 2 ICE services, each one running on a different machines using a locator. I modified the hello demo for this.

    I have an ICE registry running.

    Load balancing and fail over did not work with this setup. What seems to happen is that the ICE client can connect to the last service that was manually started.

    So I stopped the service that was getting requests and was hoping requests would go to the remaining service but alas that did not work. Even restarting the client did not make it work.
  • Ok, I have not received any responses yet but I still need an answer :confused:

    Here's what I need:
    • Load balancing of services - round robin is fine
    • Fail over

    Here's what I don't want:
    • Do not want ICE to start/stop my service
    • Do not want ICE to deploy my services

    Can I do what I want with ICE given these requirements?