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Freeze and replication?

I'm investigating the possiblity of creating a "directory/allocation server" for our application that needs to be designed mission critical. The server needs to store and maintain a variety of data, such as a list of computers. I was considering using Ice and Freeze for this, primarily because it seems convenient and the development team now understands Ice. Our knowledge in data-base systems and more traditional WEB servers is very low. I'm not sure we need the full capabilities of a SQL system just yet, but I could see how this might be useful.

One question that I had regarding Freeze was the ablity to replicate the data-base on several system. I see that Berkely DB has a replication capablity for high availablity, but I wasn't sure if it was supported in Ice. So I guess my question relates to maintaining data integrity/reliability by replicating the data-base among several systems when using Freeze.

Another possiblity would be to use Ice as a front-engine to mySQL or LDAP directory and the data would be replicated by these systems.

Regards --Roland


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Roland,

    Freeze currently does not use Berkeley DB replication ( and does not provide any form of replication. A first useful step would be to implement the "communication infrastructure" needed by the Berkeley DB replication with Ice ... seems reasonably easy.

    Also, if you use IcePack to manage replicated servers (say each with its own Berkeley DB replica), the IcePack registry would be a single point of failure. The solution is to replicate the IcePack registry itself; IcePack can't be replicated today, but it's certainly a feature we're considering for a future release.

    MySQL and many LDAP implementations actually use Berkeley DB as their underlying store; I don't know if they also use Berkeley DB replication to provide replication, but it would make sense.