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Help in IceStorm

Hello, I'm really new in Ice literally new and I need some help using the IceStrom.

I want to develop Java application which using publish subscribe IceStrom mechanism, and I'm a Mac user.

I tried to run the Clock demo using terminal, but I can't run it. It said command not found. So I decided to run using Eclipse. And I can't run it either. It says I have Ice.ConnectionRefusedException when it tried to run this line :

IceStorm.TopicManagerPrx manager = IceStorm.TopicManagerPrxHelper.checkedCast(

Is it possible to run this demo in Eclipse? And is there something I need to do before running the code? Like maybe turn on the IceStrom server??


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    The README file in the demo directory contains instructions for running the demo.

    You may also be interested in these documents:
  • Thanks for the reply. In those links you gave me, those are the instruction for running the demo using Terminal or command prompt. However what I do want to know, whether can I run the demo using eclipse instead? Thanks
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    IceStrom is a C++ IceBox service, you must run it from the command line.
    $ icebox --Ice.Config=config.icebox

    If icebox isn't in your PATH you must need to add Ice bin directory to your path. There is notes about how to use the binary distributions in the release notes Release Notes - Ice 3.5 - ZeroC.

    The Subscriber and Publisher are Java applications and can be run from eclipse.
  • I've put the Ice bin directory to my path using the instruction inside the link that you gave me.

    export CLASSPATH=/Library/Developer/Ice-3.5.0/lib/Ice.jar:$CLASSPATH

    that's the way right? even not only for Ice, I put IceStorm lib and IceBox too.

    export CLASSPATH=/Library/Developer/Ice-3.5.0/lib/IceBox.jar:$CLASSPATH
    export CLASSPATH=/Library/Developer/Ice-3.5.0/lib/IceStorm.jar:$CLASSPATH

    However when I tried to turn on the IceBox Service, it's still wont work. It says command not found in my Terminal.
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    icebox is a C++ program you need to add the bin directory in your PATH
     export PATH=/Library/Developer/Ice-3.5.0/bin:$PATH
  • Thanks a lot Jose, I finally got the demo working absolutely fine. Thanks again and I really appreciate for your help