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Developing with Ice 3.4.2 under Visual Studio 2012

This is just one thing I would like to share.

I recently switched to Ice 3.5, VS 2012 and .Net 4.0 (from Ice 3.4, VS 2010 and .Net 3.5). Then I ran into a problem with Ice 3.5 (which is solved by now) and had to quickly switch back to Ice 3.4.

I discovered that VS 2012 was not supported by Ice 3.4 Visual Studio add-in. I did not found any info in telling VS 2012 to use Ice 3.4/Sclice. However: the following trick worked:
  • Install Ice 3.5 and Ice 3.5 Visual Studio add in.
  • Install Ice 3.4
  • Copy all files and folders from Ice 3.4 folder to Ice 3.5 folder (Program Files\ZeroC\)

Maybe there it a smarter solution, but it was an easy fix. I only needed it for a short period and I am back to clean setup with Ice 3.5.