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Running java IceGrid demos

I've been trying to set up the java IceGrid demos, simple and icebox, running Ice 3.4.2 in Windows 7. I'm able to compile them but they do not run because there is nothing under the db/ directory; this directory and the subdirectories are empty. The config files for these demos expect to find something there. I've looked through other README.txt files and in other demo directories for C++ and so on, but I find no db/ folder with anything in it. Am I misunderstanding how to run this demo? Was my download of the demo distribution incomplete? Your screencast using the IceGrid simple demo seemed clear enough.


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Galen,

    The db directory of the demo is where IceGrid keeps its database files.

    Make sure to start IceGrid (icegridnode.exe), IceGrid Admin etc. from the correct directory, i.e. the demo's main directory and the parent directory of db.
    $ icegridnode --Ice.Config=config.grid
    In a separate window:
    $ icegridadmin --Ice.Config=config.grid -e \
        "application add 'application.xml'"
    $ java Client

    icegridnode will create files in the db sub-directories upon start-up.

    Starting icegridnode from another directory with $ icegridnode --IceConfig=C:\\....\\config.grid would not work.
    Was my download of the demo distribution incomplete?

    On Windows, you actually don't need to download the demo distribution: it's installed by default in <User>\Documents\ZeroC. (You should nevertheless be able to use the separate demo distribution on Windows, if desired).

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  • I actually had the demos installed standalone in one location, and the java IceGrid simple demo (as well as others) compiled and ran there (from the command line). I've been importing these into eclipse projects since that is my primary development environment. I tried running the 'simple' demo from this eclipse workspace folder (from the command line again), but icegridnode would not start. I tracked this down to a problem/setting with the eclipse import, in that the import wasn't creating directories if they were empty. After creating the db, db/node and db/registry directories, the demo ran here as well.
    Thanks for your advice and the reality-check!