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How to comile Ice with mingw?

In the file Install.MINGW.txt I read the following text:
"This will build the C++ and Ruby slice translators, the Ice core,
IceSSL and C++ tests."
I want to know is it possible to build Ice completely with mingw, and when I try to build Freeze with mingw, -ldb_cxx cannot be found.

And it seems that now all versions can compile Ice correctly, for example g++ 4.7.5, why supported MinGW version is limited, is there any way to solve this?

ps:windows 7, GNU Make 3.81, g++(tdm) 4.5.2


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    As explained in INSTALL.MINGW, the Ice MinGW support is only to allow building Ice for Ruby which depends on Ice for C++. We do not currently support MinGW for other use of Ice.

    Porting other Ice components to MinGW is surely doable with a recent GCC version. You have the source and since the build system already partially support MinGW, you could give it a try and see how it goes.

  • Thanks a lot.