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IceTouch and stringified proxy: unknown option -e


I'm developing an Ice Touch-based application. This application has to connect to a remote device using Glacier2. The application receive the proxy where it has to connect in a string, something like:

Sw\\SVM8^@E5%K)KAb/3061-49C5-A129-BF7AA8ABAE19" -t -e 1.1:tcp -h IP_ADDRESS -p PORT

Then, it creates an object proxy with the following code:
ICEObjectPrx *prx = [communicator stringToProxy:strPrx];

Where strPrx is an NSString where the stringified proxy is stored. Then I get the following exception:
2013-05-24 09:36:38.494 Z41[3646:c07] warning: Ice::Exception raised by AMI callback:
../../../cpp/src/Ice/ReferenceFactory.cpp:364: Ice::ProxyParseException:
error while parsing proxy `unknown option `-e' in `"Sw\\SVM8^@E5%K)KAb/3061-49C5-A129-BF7AA8ABAE19" -t -e 1.1:tcp -h IP_ADDRESS -p PORT''

It seems that the option "-e 1.1" is not compatible with IceTouch. The Ice version I'm using in the remote system is Ice 3.5, and the IceTouch version is the last one, 1.2.2. I can see in the Ice Manual that this option was included in the version 3.5.

Is there any problem with IceTouch and Ice 3.5? Is it possible to disable this option in Ice 3.5? What can I do to solve the problem?

Thank you


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Yes, Ice Touch doesn't support this option yet. The next Ice Touch version will be based on Ice 3.5 and will support it.

    There's no way to disable the generation of this option in stringified proxies from Ice 3.5. How do you receive this proxy? Is it passed through a Slice operation? If yes, why don't you just pass the proxy instead of a string representation of the proxy?

  • Ok, you're right, that's the way we should do it: return the proxy object instead of the stringified proxy.

    Thank you very much!