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VS2012 port and ice 3.4.2

Hi all. I am working on transferring a project from VS2008 to VS2012 and am having a little trouble with ice 3.4.2. After getting the code to compile, when trying to run the code :
Ice::PropertiesPtr props = Ice::create Properties();

The program throws a memory reference error in msvcp90.dll when trying to set the property. Is there something specific I have to do in order to get ice 3.4.2 to work with VS2012? I thought I might have to update to ice 3.5.0(vc110). However this has resulted in linker errors due to the flag _USING_V110_SDK71_ needing to be set.


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi Eric,

    We don't support this configuration, as VS 2012 was not around at the time we released Ice-3.4.2.

    That being said, i have done a quick test, and successfully run the Hello demo from 3.4.2, with VS 2012 targeting VC90 and VC100 platform toolset, just need to configure the project to link with the right libraries.

    If your project is using the Ice VisualStudio AddIn from Ice 3.5 you will need to disable it, so it doesn't link with the wrong libraries. Note that the VisualStudio AddIn from 3.4.2 will not work with VS 2012, so you will need to manually build Slicse, and configure the link and compiler settings.

    Not sure what is causing the memory reference in seems like a library mix-up, are you linking with the right libraries?

    For a release VC90 build you must use Ice.lib and IceUtil.lib libraries from C:\Program Files\Ice-3.4.2\lib

    If your project depends on Ice VisualStudio Addin will be easier to stick with one of the 3.4.2 supported platforms which are VS2008 and VS2010