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client how to know the icegrid server crash when calling request?

I have a icegrid server.
when i call request in java client,if the request in server need some time and in the process the computer which install the icegrid shutdown, i find the java client will waiting for the request to an end.
but the server has been shutdown, so the java client will never end or throw any exception.

so i want to know how to let ice client know the ice server crash or shutdown?
i try change the parameters such as "ice.ACM.client, ice.connection.timeout", but this does't work.

the solution with some configuration setting will be better.

thanks for any reply.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    You need to set a connection timeout, it can either be set programmatically on the proxy with the ice_timeout proxy method or through configuration with Ice.Override.Timeout.

    See Ice Connection Timeouts in the manual for more information.

  • hi Benoit,
    thanks your reply.

    through configuration with Ice.Override.Timeout, the client will catch timeout exception until the time extended. but the client don't know weather or not the server is crashed or working now. Maybe the request need to run a long time really.

    So I want to client get the icegrid server crash info immediately, how to implement this.

    And I find the client will catch exception immediately when the icegrid or server process is killed. but if the computer of icegrid is reboot or shutdown, the client will never catch exception.