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A suggestion for the ICE manual

Hi Michi and Mark,

The ICE Manual is undoubtedly a wonderful tutorial cum reference in itself. However, I think it can still be made better for those who are new at distributed programming by adding a list of "exercises" at the end of each chapter, like some popular titles such as "Advanced Programming in UNIX Environment" and "UNIX Network Programming" do.

Recently, I was giving a talk on "Distributed Programming with ICE" to a group of lecturers at a local engineering college of my place and I realised that for students, who have not been exposed to CORBA, the learning curve might be very steep with the ICE manual in its present form. I believe an inclusion of exercises should significantly help those who are new at ICE, as it would give them a smooth way to assert what they have been learning from the manual.



  • Hi Shantanu,

    thanks for the suggestion. I agree, something along the lines you suggest would be useful. I'm not sure whether the book will end up containing such material -- more likely it might end up as part of a training course that we undoubtedly will have to write at some point. Unfortunately, there are only so many cycles to go around :rolleyes: I do like the idea -- eventually, you will see something like this, but, given our current workloads, I won't promise when that will be ;)