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IcePatch2 bugs

Hello, guys! Thanks for making this great ICE!

I'm using Ice 3.5 for couple of weeks for my home test IceGrid and found several bugs concerning IcePatch2 - I even had to download sources to investigate them, cause found nothing on the forum.

1) IcePatch2::ClientUtil.h - member Patcher::_log is not closed in dtor, so sometimes when patching fails IcePatch2.log appears on disk and can't be deleted until IceGridNode process is restarted.

2) IceGrid\NodeI.cpp - PatcherPtr patcher = new Patcher(icepatch, feedback, _dataDir + "/" + dest, false, 100, 1);
Calling this version of Patcher ctor hardcodes 'thorough'and 'remove' flags so defining IcePatch2Client.Thorough and IcePatch2Client.Remove in IceGridNode config file (or command line) does nothing.

3) I'm not 100% sure but it seems as if IcePatch2Client.Thorough and IcePatch2Client.Remove should be used in conjunction to remove locally existing files. I'll look more deeply at this later.

Also one thing not related to IcePatch2 but rather IceGrid - if I disable manually faulting server in IceGrid GUI and then restart IceGridNode process - server becomes available! Of course, after digging in sources I now why this happens :) (server simply doesn't save it's state anywhere), but it seems bug for me.

Regards, Vik.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Viktor,

    Thanks for the report, we'll look into this for Ice 3.5.1.