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EndPoint Configuration


We are using Ice v3.5.1

In the server configuration, we have the following:
SERVER.Endpoints=tcp -h * -p 10000

We used "*" because on the Windows Sever 2008, there are mulitple network interfaces and we wanted the adapter to listen on all of them.

This is working fine.

So, on our local desktop (Windows XP), the same configuration (SERVER.Endpoints=tcp -h * -p 10000) results in an error mentioned below. Note that on my desktop, if I replace * with localhost, it works fine.

2013-11-14 09:50:44,142 [7] ERROR SPEAR.Comms.ZeroC.IceServer - Error occurred i
n Ice runtime:
error = 0
at IceInternal.Network.createSocket(Boolean udp, AddressFamily family)
at IceInternal.Network.createServerSocket(Boolean udp, AddressFamily family,
Int32 protocol)
at IceInternal.TcpAcceptor..ctor(Instance instance, String host, Int32 port)
at IceInternal.TcpEndpointI.acceptor(EndpointI& endpoint, String adapterName)

at IceInternal.IncomingConnectionFactory..ctor(Instance instance, EndpointI e
ndpoint, ObjectAdapter adapter, String adapterName)
at Ice.ObjectAdapterI..ctor(Instance instance, Communicator communicator, Obj
ectAdapterFactory objectAdapterFactory, String name, RouterPrx router, Boolean n
at IceInternal.ObjectAdapterFactory.createObjectAdapter(String name, RouterPr
x router)
at Ice.CommunicatorI.createObjectAdapter(String name)
at SPEAR.Comms.ZeroC.IceServer.Run() in C:\dev_env\XP_WKS\G2\Src\SPEAR\trunk\
main\Comms\ZeroC\IceServer.cs:line 111
Caused by: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An address incompatible with the
requested protocol was used
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket..ctor(AddressFamily addressFamily, SocketType so
cketType, ProtocolType protocolType)
at IceInternal.Network.createSocket(Boolean udp, AddressFamily family)

Please advise.