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Ice Touch 1.3.1 compatibility with Ice 3.4.2

allroallro Member Alex LeidermanOrganization: Cell2BetProject: Management Server

Our server runs with Ice 3.4.2;
our client should run on iOS7 that's possible with XCode5 and Ice Touch 1.3.1

We understand that Ice Touch 1.3.1 is based on Ice 3.5.1

What changes in code or settings are necessary to make this setup work?


  • mesmes CaliforniaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Mark SpruiellOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff
    Hi Alex,

    Since Ice 3.5 (and Ice Touch 1.3) use version 1.1 of the Ice encoding by default, you'll need to configure your Ice Touch app to use 1.0 by default instead. You can do this by setting the following property:


    Refer to the Ice manual for more details on the encoding changes.

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