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Patch #3 for Ice 3.5.1: Marshaling bug with nested optionals

benoitbenoit Rennes, FranceAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Benoit FoucherOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
The attached patch fixes a marshaling bug that can result in an assertion (if enabled) or exception when marshaling a type that contains nested optionals and if the type of the optionals have a variable size (structure of variable size or a sequence of variable size elements, see Data Encoding for Optional Values for more information).

See this bug report for an example of such nested optionals.

This bug does not affect the C++ language mapping but affects all other language mappings (Java, C#, Python, Ruby).

To apply the source patch to a fresh Ice 3.5.1 source distribution:
cd Ice-3.5.1
patch -p1 < patch-3.5.1-3.txt

Follow the instructions from the Ice release notes to build a specific language mapping.


ZeroC Staff
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