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IceGrid/IceStorm and number of sockets limit

alekseyaleksey Member Aleksey AtramentovOrganization: Belvedere TradingProject: Trading Platform
Dear Experts,

I have have an IceGrid deployment of IceStorm with replicated Locator.

I have four servers, each hosting IceGrid node, Locator and two instances of IceStorm.

IceGrid is configured in such a way that all clients connect to IceStorm instance #8.

I have a lot of clients and yesterday the number of open sockets on #8 hit the user limit. That particular server had very low limit.

It resulted in a weird failover to #7. Weirdness was in the fact that all nodes were in "reorganizing" state for more than a minute and apparently not able to receive or cache messages.

I will try to reproduce this behavior on my test cluster today.

Is it an expected behavior?

Thank you,
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