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CA Cert has expired

the certification has expired. While trying to manage to create a new certificate for my own, using makecerts, I keep getting this exception for the client and the server either:

/mnt/st/home/dchateau/Ice/demo/Ice/hello: ./client
./client: error: exception in IceSSL plug-in:
Context.cpp:448: IceSSL::CertificateKeyMatchException:
private key does not match the certificate public key
1 - Thread ID: 1024
1 - Error: 185073780
1 - Message: error:0B080074:x509 certificate routines:X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch
1 - Location: x509_cmp.c, 279

PluginManagerI.cpp:200: Ice::PluginInitializationException:
plug-in initialization failed: failure in entry point `IceSSL:create'

Can I create a fake CA certificate by myself ?
Maybe you should regenerate a fresh one in your next release.

Great job, I am eager to grind some Ice server on my machine.

Thank you.


  • ignore the previous message

    Please ignore the previous message, everything is working fine except the /IceSSL/certificateVerification test that failed but maybe it was what we were expecting.

    Removing the cacert.pem file makes makecerts generate a fresh one.