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New ICE release documentation

johnstv3johnstv3 Member
Hi all,

I has recently printed the entire documentation for ICE 1.3.0. With the release of 1.4.0 do I need to reprint the documentation again? Or is it safe to say that the 1.4.0 docs will be identical to the 1.3.0 docs except for the addition of the new chapters? Which chapters, if any, should I reprint? Thanks.



  • michimichi Member Michi HenningOrganization: Triodia TechnologiesProject: I have a passing interest in Ice :-) ✭✭✭
    The facet and IcePack chapters are new in the doc, and there are quite a few changes in the Freeze chapter relating to facets. Other than that, there are numerous minor bug fixes and corrections (for example, the object adapter operations have changed a little).

    If you print the facet and IcePack chapters, you will get most of the changes. If you use Freeze, you should have a look at the changes relating to facets.


  • johnstv3johnstv3 Member
    Much appreciated for your help Michi. Thanks.

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