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Active Connection Management

JinnJinn Member Victor LebedevOrganization: BFUProject: monitoring server ✭✭
Hi all! Im need help.

I want test Active Connection Managment by next way:

Client side code:

checkedcast for senderOneWayPrx. //(connection establishment)
senderOneWayPrx.initiateCallback("Message"); //send simple message on server

Server side in "config.server" I put Ice.ACM.Server = 10 #(after 10 sec any connection,that is not been used for ten seconds.)

but my server get "Message" from my client.

What i incorrect do? I think that, my connection is closed and re-establishment where i use proxy, but if message already in buffer? how make such test with message in buffer?

Please show example how work with Ice.ACM.Server, Ice.ACM.Client currently.
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