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Patch #8 for Ice 3.5.1: fix for IceSSL under Android 21 and Java thread pool

matthew NL, Canada

We've discovered a bug in the Java IceSSL implementation which prevented Ice 3.5.1 from working under Android API level 21 (Lollipop). In addition, we found a bug in the java implementation of the Ice thread pool which could cause a hang under some circumstances.

The attached patch fixes these two problems.

To apply the source patch to a fresh Ice 3.5.1 source distribution:
> cd Ice-3.5.1
> patch --binary -p1 < patch-3.5.1-8.txt

You can follow the instructions from the Ice release notes to build a source distribution. In addition, I've attached a pre-compiled Ice.jar which includes this patch.


ZeroC Staff