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how can i choose nodes or server instances by type ? can they be grouped?

i met a problem as bellow:
my application has two functions, and one of them goes fast and another is slower, when i handle it to icegrid the load-balancing handle them together,so when i want to do the quick task ,i have to wait until the slow one finished, i was wondering if i can seperate them by load-balancing type or some other way? it seems adatptive and round-robin can not achieve this. pls help me on this problem, it confuse me some days, thanks a lot!
The version i use is 3.5.1 and the server language is c++ and the client uses java.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Why does the quick operation has to wait for the slow one? Can't it be dispatched concurrently while the slow operation is being dispatched?

    Note that by default Ice servers will only dispatch invocations in a single thread because the default thread pool size is 1. You can specify multiple threads by setting the Ice.ThreadPool.Server.Size property. See Thread Pools - Ice 3.5 - ZeroC for more information on how to configure the Ice thread pool.