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itunes - Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected

moshehakmoshehak Member moshe HakimianOrganization: PaymaxsProject: create smartphones applications

our app update have been rejected by apple because of the reason:
Apps that use non-public APIs will be rejected

and some of the methods refereed to that reject are ICE method (generated from the Slice files)
We found that your app uses one or more non-public APIs, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. The use of non-public APIs is not permissible because it can lead to a poor user experience should these APIs change.

We found the following non-public API/s in your app:

hit on: + BuyFreeWinTicket_marshal___:numbers:os:, + getCellValidationInfo_unmarshal___:ok:, - AddAnimationPointForBall:nextX:nextY:forDuration:, UIViewController, + addSessionCookie:, - CanDoAutomaticLogin, + activeSessionIfExists, + AddSeperatorsToNumber:, + addRequestToExtendTokenForSession:connection:, - cworksImpression, - AddFilterWithInex:, - ApplySuperKeypad, + applicationDidOpenURL:sourceApplication:, + clearPersistedAppEventData, + canPresentMessageDialog, - applicationDidOpenURL:sourceApplication:, - DeleteOldLogLines, + hideAllHUDsForView:animated:, - ServerRegistrationResponseOk:, + requestForCustomAudienceThirdPartyID:, + automaticallyNotifiesObserversForKey:, - addOrRemovePendingConnection:, - addHEADOperation:, NSOperationQueue, - DisplayUserSuspendedDialogWithMessage:ReleaseByCaptcha:CaptchaURL:AndReturnTo:, + likeActionControllerForObjectID:, + _parseDialogConfigs:, - BackFromLottoLoginForNag:withEmail:andPassword:, + cacheRefreshDelay, FBViewController, + deleteUnitTestUser:accessToken:, - FathersAndMothersDisplayMothers:, - addRoundedRectToPath:rect:radius:, - connection:didFailWithError:, + createTokenFromDictionary:, + FBSDKInitializeWithLaunchData:, + fileExtensionsToHandleAsHTML, - _analyticsParameters, + _copyValueForKey:fromDictionary:toDictionary:, + appCallFromApplinkArgs_v2:applinkArgs:createTimeUTC:originalQueryParameters:, + requestWithUserID:fields:dataSource:session:, FBGraphObjectPickerViewController, - DisplayErrorConnectingToCheckoutServer, + graphObjectWrappingDictionary:

If you have defined methods in your source code with the same names as the above-mentioned APIs, we suggest altering your method names so that they no longer collide with Apple's private APIs to avoid your application being flagged in future submissions.

the ICE methods are:
+ BuyFreeWinTicket_marshal___:numbers:os:
+ getCellValidationInfo_unmarshal___:ok:

do you have any idea what is the problem?

the slice definition is:
sequence<short> LotteryNumbers;

void BuyFreeWinTicket(string drawId, LotteryNumbers numbers);

class CellValidationInfo
string prefixRegEx;
string fullCellNumberRegEx;

CellValidationInfo getCellValidationInfo();


  • benoitbenoit Rennes, FranceAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Benoit FoucherOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff

    I don't see how these 2 methods could be private APIs. Did the previous version of your application also included these 2 methods and was it successfully submitted before?

  • moshehakmoshehak Member moshe HakimianOrganization: PaymaxsProject: create smartphones applications
    those 2 methods already submitted successfully in the last app version
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