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Connection problem between IceE 1.3 (on MIPS) and Ice 3.5.1 (Ubuntu 14.10)


I am trying to connect a MIPS based IceE1.3 C++ server with a Ubuntu 14.04 (64bits) linux client written in Python with Ice 3.5.1 (distribution binary version)
I get this error:

mycomputer: python
Ultrasound -t -e 1.1:tcp -h -p 10000
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 30 in <module>
proxy = RoboCompUltrasound.UltrasoundPrx.checkedCast(obj)
File "", line 344, in checkedCast
ConnectionLostException: Ice.ConectionLostException:
recv() returned zero

The curious thing is that the exactly same python client executed on a Debian 7.8 Wheezy (32 bits) running Ice 3.4.2, works smoothly.

I can't figure out if this is something related to Ice versions.



  • mes
    mes California

    Ice-E only supports version 1.0 of the Ice encoding. Try changing your proxy to

    Ultrasound -t -e 1.0:tcp -h -p 10000

  • Problem fixed.

    Now working.

    Thanks a lot
  • mes
    mes California
    Glad to hear it.

    You can find more information about the encoding changes here:

    For example, if your 3.5 client only talks to Ice-E servers, you can set the property Ice.Default.EncodingVersion=1.0 in the client to make sure it defaults to the 1.0 encoding.