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Configure ICE Endpoints to particular subnet

I have the need to deploy ICE based applications onto multihommed machines. I want the applications listening enpdoints to be restricted to a particular subnet. I can achieve this goal by modifying the ICE configuration like this, for instance:


However, I would need to statically configure all of my applications to bind to a particular IP address that is only valid on each machine. This would impose fragile configuration on the hosts and make it harder to deploy new server instances. If I remove this setting, ICE will listen on all available hosts. Is it possible configure ICE to listen on all available host IP's within a particular subnet either using wildcars or subnet masks in some way? It'd be great if I could say something like...


I'm a little behind on IP configuration and networking so please excuse me if I'm missing something simple.



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  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Sorry, this isn't possible right now. You need to specify the IP address of the interface you want to listen on if you don't want to listen on all the interfaces.

    Rather than setting this property in a configuration file, could you perhaps set it on the command line after obtaining the value from an environment variable or through a script? Another option would be to implement this in your server but this will require using some OS specific networking code to obtain the list of IP addresses the machine can listen on.

    We will consider improving this in a future release.

  • Understood, thanks for the response Benoit