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Federation for Location Services

Hi ,

I wonder if there is a federation mechanism for Location Service(IceGrid), For example:

Two Nodes( Node1, Node2) hosted on two servers(Server1,Server2),does client on Server1 which has been configured it's 'defaultLocator' with Node1, be able to successfully make a call to servant hosted on Server2? if it is, what is the solution? And how to make the HA of Location Service, Replication of IceGrid?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Dorian,

    By "Node" do you mean an IceGrid node process? Don't you also run an IceGrid registry process? If not, I suppose the registry is collocated with the nodes. You should run a registry process on one machine and configure the nodes to use this registry. See demo/IceGrid/replication for an example of an IceGrid deployment with multiple nodes, registries and servers. With this deployment, the nodes and registries could be deployed on different machines.