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Ice has moved to GitHub!

bernard Jupiter, FL
Ice is and has been open-source from the very beginning: each time we released a new version of Ice, we provided tar and zip archives with the full source code, build system and test suite. Our development repository was however private and you would only get a snapshot of this source repository with each release.

As of today, our Ice repository is public on GitHub. This repo contains our full commit history, and you can now follow in real time all new development (usually on the master branch) and bug fixes (usually on release branches and master).

We use other public zeroc-ice repositories for some components. For example, Ice Touch can be found in the icetouch repo and the new Ice Builder for Visual Studio is in the ice-builder-visualstudio repo.

The preferred way to obtain the source code for Ice, Ice Touch and all Ice-related components is now through these repositories. For example, to get the very latest Ice 3.5 source code (Ice 3.5.1 plus several patches), simply clone zeroc-ice/ice and switch to the 3.5 branch.

Having Ice on GitHub will also make contributing a lot simpler! The file in each repo describes the new streamlined contribution process.