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Anticipated date for 3.6 production release

When can we expect a production-quality release for Ice 3.6? I have a product that needs to support OSX Yosemite, preferably with Xcode 6.2, and will need to ship Ice libraries. Given that 3.6 is intended to support Yosemite, I'd like to be able to ship 3.6 release libraries. Can you shed some light on your schedule?

My worst case alternative at the moment, I assume, is to build source for 3.5.1 on OSX Yosemite, since the 3.5.1 Mac installer is for Xcode 5. Then ship 3.5.1. Does this sound correct?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Cassie,

    Welcome to our forums!

    Ice 3.6.0 is nearly ready; if you look at the recent commits on GitHub, we are fixing various small bugs, most related to packaging.

    I anticipate we'll tag the first 3.6.0 Release Candidate in the next few days. The actual release will be a week or two later, when we're satisfied that everything works well.

    If you need to ship your product immediately on OS X Yosemite, then your best choice is indeed to stay with Ice 3.5.1, and contact ZeroC support to discuss your options (you may be able to use the existing 3.5.1 installer, or we could prepare and send you a build better suited for your toolchain).

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  • Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.