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IceStorm federation


I've look into the document for the topic federation of icestorm, but got some confusion, the topic federation described in the documents seems works in the same icestorm service, but how about topic federation between icestorm services on different server? In my understanding of topic federation would be like this (No consideration of "COST"):

In a distribute system with N PCs(PC1 - PCN), each PC host icegrid and icestorm service(IceStorm1 - IceStormN), publisher on PC1 published a topic T1 on IceStorm1, and subscriber on PCN can subscribe topic T1 on IceStormN, that means any subscriber on any PC can subscribe to the Icestorm service host on the same PC with the topic that published by any pushlisher on other PC .

Is my understanding right? or can icestorm achieve this?

Thanks a lot.