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CMake support for Ice 3.6


I'd like to update the CMake FindIce script ( Git - cmake.git/blob - Modules/FindIce.cmake) for the Ice 3.6 release. If it would be possible to update it ahead of the release, that would be great, otherwise I'll wait for the final release.

Do you have any final release candidates msi builds available I could use to test with to validate all the visual studio versions / install paths / tools / version numbers are all correctly supported?

Many thanks,


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Roger,

    I will send you a link to our RC2 Windows installer through private message, as we don't want these not-quite final installers to be widely available. RC2 is not the final RC (unfortunately), but the Windows layout won't change.

  • Thanks. Support for Ice 3.6.0 was merged yesterday and is now in the cmake master for the next cmake release. If anyone needs to grab support for Ice 3.6.0 before then, you can find it here: