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Ice 3.6.0 and Ice Touch 3.6.0 released

joegeorge Jupiter, Florida
We are pleased to announce the release of Ice 3.6.0 and Ice Touch 3.6.0.

The following new features may be of particular interest to you:
  • JavaScript mapping
  • Objective-C mapping on OS X (in Ice)
  • WebSocket transport
  • Service discovery via UDP multicast
  • Custom load balancing for IceGrid
  • Invocation timeouts
  • Reimplementation of IceSSL for Windows and OS X using native SSL/TLS libraries
  • Ice and Ice Touch now share the same codebase
For more information on these features and many others, please refer to the release notes.

Visit our download pages to download Ice 3.6.0 and Ice Touch 3.6.0.