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how compile Ice-1.3.0 in linux7.3

I have set environment variant:

follow errors:

making all in IceBox
make[2]: Entering directory `/code/Ice-1.3.0/src/IceBox'
rm -f ../../bin/icebox
c++ -g -ftemplate-depth-128 -fPIC -Wall -D_REENTRANT -L../../lib -o ../../bin/icebox ServiceManagerI.o Server.o -lIceBox -lFreeze -lIce -lIceUtil -L/usr/local/lib -lstlport_gcc_stldebug -lpthread
../../lib/ undefined reference to `DbEnv::set_error_stream(_STL::basic_ostream<char, _STL::char_traits<char> > *)'
../../lib/ undefined reference to `Db::verify(char const *, char const *, _STL::basic_ostream<char, _STL::char_traits<char> > *, unsigned int)'
../../lib/ undefined reference to `Db::set_error_stream(_STL::basic_ostream<char, _STL::char_traits<char> > *)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


  • marc
    marc Florida
    Which GNU C++ version are you using? You should use GCC 3.2 or higher. If you use GCC 2.96, you must also install STLport. Please see the file INSTALL.LINUX for details.
  • Yes I have set STLPORT_HOME=/usr/local in Make.rules.
    I have install stlport-4.6.2 in /usr/local/include/
    My gcc version is 2.96
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    You need to compile Berkeley DB (configured with --enable-cxx) with the same C++ compiler and STL implementation as Ice. In this case, GCC 2.96 with STLPort.

  • OK,Thanks very much,let me try it