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AIX 5.2 patch for Ice 1.4.0

bernard Jupiter, FL
The attached patch file is the initial AIX 5.2 port. You can apply it to an
Ice 1.4.0 source distribution as follows:

$ cd <ice-home>
$ patch -p0 < <path to uncompressed patch file>
$ cd $HOME/Ice-1.4.0
$ patch -p0 < ../patch

Please read INSTALL.AIX for building instructions; I also recommend you browse the file config/Make.rules.AIX.

Everything builds and all the test pass in 32 bit mode (both debug and release). Here are a few caveats:
  • I did not try IceJ yet.
  • The demos should work although I did not test them.
  • If you apply this patch and build on another platform, the resulting build will probably be binary-incompatible with Ice 1.4.0. I recommend to use this patch only on AIX.
  • 64 bit mode only: open("/dev/urandom") failed all the time on my test machine, so the tests did not run.
  • On my test machine, I was not able to use the OpenSSL binary distribution from the "AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications". I suspect it's because another version was already loaded in memory (for sshd) and I could not reboot the machine.
  • For each library, the build creates .notused and .so.14 symbolic links that are useless and not used (already fixed for the next Ice release).