AIX 5.2 patch for Ice 1.4.0

bernardbernard ZeroC StaffJupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
The attached patch file is the initial AIX 5.2 port. You can apply it to an
Ice 1.4.0 source distribution as follows:

$ cd <ice-home>
$ patch -p0 < <path to uncompressed patch file>
$ cd $HOME/Ice-1.4.0
$ patch -p0 < ../patch

Please read INSTALL.AIX for building instructions; I also recommend you browse the file config/Make.rules.AIX.

Everything builds and all the test pass in 32 bit mode (both debug and release). Here are a few caveats:
  • I did not try IceJ yet.
  • The demos should work although I did not test them.
  • If you apply this patch and build on another platform, the resulting build will probably be binary-incompatible with Ice 1.4.0. I recommend to use this patch only on AIX.
  • 64 bit mode only: open("/dev/urandom") failed all the time on my test machine, so the tests did not run.
  • On my test machine, I was not able to use the OpenSSL binary distribution from the "AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications". I suspect it's because another version was already loaded in memory (for sshd) and I could not reboot the machine.
  • For each library, the build creates .notused and .so.14 symbolic links that are useless and not used (already fixed for the next Ice release).
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