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Hi Mark Spruiell , I have a question about to build php

use visual 2003 to build php 5.0 rc3, the debug version is work fine, but the release version can not run, do you try this?

my os is windows 2000 / iis5.

I send email to php site, but can not get the result...


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    mes California

    I've just built PHP 5.0.0 (final) on Windows 2000 using VC.NET 2002 in release mode, and it works fine. Can you provide more details about what is going wrong for you?

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    - Mark
  • my release build step in 2003:

    1, extract

    2, build and copy resolv.lib to win32build\lib

    3, extract php???.tar.gz

    4, buildconf.bat

    5, copy ext\bcmath\libbcmath\ to ext\bcmath\config.h

    6, cscript /nologo configure.js --with-php-build=..\win32build --enable-isapi --without-libxml --with-ldap --enable-mbstring --enable-mbregex --enable-sockets

    7, nmake

    8, add php filter and application map in IIS' manager.

    9, phpfile:

    echo "hello";

    10, 500 internal error when I request this php file.

    which step is wrong?

    another question: I build ice use 2003, can
    I do not use 2003 to rebuild php, still use
    php binary file that download from php web site
    (it maybe build in vc 7.0) ? is the php_ice.dll still work?

  • i will try to build php5 release

    thanks for your tips.