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mariuszmariusz Member
Hi to all,

I have very basic question. Because I'm planning to use Ice (or TAO - I'm not sure yet) in my app I would like to know few things. First of all - if all that I will need is basic server serving some data for the rest of the system (few applications) what exactly will I have to use. For sure server must have ability to start when it's needed. but because this is first time I'm going to use things like ICE/TAO I don't know a lot about this. Should I use IcePack? Or maybe something else? Frankly - I just don't have any idea about this.

And next - it need to hold all the data during the work - is this possible? I need to create server that will act like some kind of repository of objects. They will be added during runtime, modified and finally from time to time saved to data base. Data must be hold even between calls.
I've browsed through examples but get lost in middle :(

Thanks for any informations....


  • michimichi Member Michi HenningOrganization: Triodia TechnologiesProject: I have a passing interest in Ice :-) ✭✭✭
    You can arrange for automatic server start-up on demand with IcePack. Have a look at the IcePack chapter in the documentation and the demos. That should get you started.

    You can use Freeze for your database needs (or, of course, you can use any other mechanism of your choice to store your data -- Freeze just makes this very easy). Again, the documentation and the demos will get you started.


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