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somebody can help me ! it's php wrong! it's really php wrong!

damingyipaidamingyipai Member ✭✭
follow me :

1, windows 2000 server + sp4

2, download php-5.0.0-win32.zip:

3, extract php-5.0.0-win32.zip to c:\php and confirm php5isapi.dll in c:\php directory.

4, copy c:\php\php.ini.dest to c:\winnt\php.ini

5, edit the c:\winnt\php.ini:

438 line:

extension_dir = "./"
extension_dir = "c:\php\ext"

6, open IIS manage console,
right click "Default Web Site",
select "Properties",
select "Main Directory" Tab,
and click "Configuration" button,
select "Application Map" Tab,
click "Add", input:


and click "OK"

confirm all.

7, create a test php file:

echo phpinfo();

it's work fine. I now!

But we're not done! please change test php file:

echo "hello";

then the screen output as following:

helloPHP has encountered an Access Violation at 014573CD

what's wrong with php? it's my failed? i'll crazy really!
I around it in two week, I.... somebody can help me ?
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