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Looking for ICE Coders...$$


I am looking for ICE coders, that are really GOOD at programming with ICE.

I would like to have modules built for a Mini Massively Multiplayer strategy game I am building. It would be something like a diablo/warcraft II/Isometric game.

So far the basic requirements would be:

Server Module(Linux preferred, windows maybe):

Support for up to 1000+ connections(players) (as many as possible)
Require Secure authentication(logging in/out)
Server Broadcasts to players the current game world state depending on
players view location.
Recieves commands from Players to interact with the game(unit
movement, buy items, other actions....etc)
Basic API so I can connect this to the actual Server Game Code

Client Module (Windows and Linux if possible):

Connects to Server(Secure)
Authenticates(Login Securely)
Recieves Setup Info from Server(player current pos, data...etc)
Recieves game world state depending on Players current position.
Sends Commands to server(Movement, actions, fighting, resting...etc)

Ok...and I would like this to run fast of course, and hacker protected somehow.

Also I am willing to PAY $$ for someone to code this and other pieces of the game(GUI/Game Code/AI/...) too. And also get credit in the game project/royalties later on...

so please let me know your rates/and a rough quote for the above via here or Private Message. My email is " val [at] frostzero [dot] com"


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