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slice2cpp missing in binaries?


I am a beginner in the so-called "middleware" domain and distributed computing, and I feel very excited abotu Ice. I've just downloaded the file Ice-1.0.1-bin-linux.tar.gz (to begin with the Print-server example) but I was surprised not to find the slice2cpp binary in it. Am I missunderstanding something ? I confess I did not read the whole documentation for the moment, but it seems that "icecpp" that is in the archive is not a new name or a replacement for slice2cpp...

By the way, I am planning to compile the sources, but I have to tune my system a little bit...

Thank you for any reply.


  • The binary distribution is only for Ice for Java, i.e., it contains tools such as slice2java so that Java users don't need a C++ compiler.

    For Ice for C++, you must build Ice yourself. The main difficulty in building Ice is in my experience not Ice itself, but to build the third-party libraries. Thus an Ice for C++ binary distribution without also distributing all the third-party libraries would not be very helpful.
  • Thank you for your answer.

    I see. This seems obvious.

    In fact I think I was missleaded by the following, as it appears on the download page:
    The binaries required to build Ice for Java. You can also download and compile Ice for C++ instead of using these pre-compiled binaries. (Linux)

    Because you say "you can also download and compile Ice for C++ instead of using these pre-compiled binaries" I thought that is was precisely the Ice for C++ binaries.

    Next time I will read more carefuly before asking you such a trivial thing. Thank you again