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Freeze DB Scenario

I have spent the last few days reading over the documentation pretty thoroughly trying to get a good grasp on the overall capabilities of ICE and in particularly ICE's persistant capabilities. Having read through several examples I have centered on the Freeze evictor for my means of persistance.

In order to teach myself I invented a small test app and have started to produce the slice. This is what I have so far.


#include <Ice/>
#include <>

exception DatabaseException
string message;

struct CustomerInfo
string FirstName;
string LastName;
string Address1;
string Address2;
string City;
string State;
string Zip;
string Phone;
string Fax;
string Cell;
DateTime CreateDT;
DateTime ModifyDT;

struct CustomerSearch
string FirstName;
string LastName;
string Phone;
DateTime FromDate;
DateTime ToDate;
long rangeBegin;
long rangeEnd;

interface Customer
nonmutating string getFirstName();
void setFirstName(string firstName) throws DatabaseException;

nonmutating string getLastName();
void setLastName(string lastName) throws DatabaseException;

nonmutating string getAddress1();
void setAddress1(string address1);

nonmutating string getAddress2();
void setAddress2(string address2);

nonmutating string getCity();
void setCity(string city);

nonmutating string getState();
void setState(string state);

nonmutating string getZip();
void setZip(string zip);

nonmutating string getPhone();
void setPhone(string phone);

nonmutating string getFax();
void setFax(string fax);

nonmutating string getCell();
void setCell(string cell);

nonmutating DateTime getCreateDT();
void setCreateDT(DateTime createDT);

nonmutating DateTime getModifyDT();
void setModifyDT(DateTime modifyDT);

nonmutating CustomerInfo getCustomerInfo();
void setCustomerInfo(CustomerInfo phone);

void destroy() throws DatabaseException;


sequence<Customer*> Customers;

interface CustomerManager
Customer* createCustomer() throws DatabaseException;
nonmutating Customers findContacts(CustomerSearch criteria) throws DatabaseException;
nonmutating Customer* lookupCustomer(Ice::Identity id) throws DatabaseException;
void setEvictorSize(int size) throws DatabaseException;
nonmutating void shutdown();


The things I am having trouble with, coming from a SQL Server/.Net/Web Service/Datasets world, is how efficient a typical database app would be using Berkley DB and performing things like compound searches, filters, and sorting. From what I gather I would need to make indexes for the things I want to search on. But this seems to work for only simple searches and not a compound search. At least you would have to do an indexed search and then the rest of the filtering in the application code instead of from the database. I guess what I am looking for is some more control over the results as I search, filter, and sort which I don't see how to do through the database. I feel like I am missing something though. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Also can someone give me an example of the slice2freeze command line I would need to run to generate an index class for one of the above fields in the customer class? Like LastName for example.

Thanks in advance


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    If you want complex searches (or even just compound searches), Freeze/Berkeley DB is not the right database for you.

    A SQL database (such as mysql, which can use Berkeley DB for storage) is a much better match. Ice can be used with any database ... Freeze is just a helper when you don't care about the database or want to use Berkeley DB.