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I need help

I have compiled Ice-1.5.1 successfully both on Redhat9.0 and Windows 2000(VS2003).However, I encountered a problem: when redhat9 as a server, and windows 2000 as a client, the client displayed error message as follow:
in redhat console window:
./server Ice.Config=config
in windows 2000 cmd window:
.\client Ice.Config=config
.\Network.cpp:509: Ice::ConnectionRefuseException:
connection refused: WSAECONNREFUSED
(Hello.Proxy=hello:tcp -h -p 10000:udp -h -p 10000:ssl -h -p 10001 is redhat 9' IP address)
but, if I use windows 2000 as server, redhat9 as client, they works well.
BTW, I used .\demo\Ice\hello as a test example, and disabled firewall in reghat 9.0.
How can I cope with it?


  • marc
    marc Florida
    The error message indicates that the server is not running, or it is not running on the host/port, or the host/port is otherwise not reachable from the client. Perhaps the DNS setup on the redhat server is not correct, so that the local host isn't resolved to the correct IP address. Try specifying the IP address (-h option) in the server configuration as well.

    You can get more diagnostics if you run both the client and server with the property Ice.Trace.Network=3.
  • According to your guideline, I specified the IP address (-h option) in the server configuration as follow:

    Hello.Endpoints=tcp -h -p 10000:udp -h -p 10000:ssl -h -p 10001 is Redhat 9' (server')IP address.

    When I started server and client as usual, they worked successfully.

    Thanks, marc.