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readline/readline.h readline/history.h


I think I've installed everything that is said to be needed in "install.linux".

I am on Mdk 8.2, with gcc 2.96,. The compilation fails at IceStorm/Parser.cpp. The compiler say it cannot find
"readline/readline.h" and "readline/history.h"

Could someone tell me what are these files, to what package or library do they belong? I cannot find these files on my system (except in a not yet compiled mysql source tree) and it seems that they are not included in any of the rpm mentionned in install.linux, nor in any of the corresponding tar.gz

Thanks in advance for any information


  • These are part of the GNU readline library. Strange that Mandrake doesn't have this installed by default :confused:

    You can download the readline library from
  • Thank you very much!

    After your reply, I checked and found that those files are in the readline-devel package, that seems not to be installed by default by mdk 8.2. I feel confused to take your time for such trivialities, but I cannot wait compiling and playing with Ice.
  • No problem, this is what we are here for ;)