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Is ICE fast enough for transporting realtime video&audio?

Our lab is focused on E-Learing. We need to dispatch massive vedio audio text and ppt ... objects from servers to clients in realtime. We need multi-servers with load balancing to relieve the the servers' burden, and clients' implementation needs to be OS independent and language independent.
And there are much more inter-activity between clients and servers than pure stream-media server.
The question is whether ICE suitable for it coz speed is quite important. Would the indirect capsulation of Objects be the bottle neck of the system-speed?
BTW: will ICE support hand-holding devices? Does it work well with CE bench? Thanks.


  • Yes, it's fast enough. For example, have a look at (which uses Ice for similar purposes). I don't understand what you mean with "indirect capsulation of Objects". If you transfer a video or audio stream, then you usually use a sequence of bytes.

    We have plans to support operating systems for hand-held devices (like Palm OS or Windows CE) in the future, but I can't give you any concrete release dates yet.
  • Thank you very much. I really appreciate what you people have done.It's really great job.good luck.