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Unable to build demoj using supplied build.xml files

vsonnathivsonnathi Member Venkat RamanaOrganization: Amazon.comProject: Prototype ✭✭

The required lib (Ice.jar) is not correctly specified in the build.xml's supplied in the demoj distribution.

I am suing Ice 1.5.1 windows distribution.

<property name="lib.dir" value="${top.dir}/lib"/>

compile target snippet.
<javac srcdir="${generated.dir}" destdir="${class.dir}"
source="1.4" classpath="${lib.dir}" debug="${debug}"/>
<javac srcdir="." destdir="${class.dir}" source="1.4"
classpath="${lib.dir}" excludes="generated/**" debug="${debug}"/>

I am using ant-1.6.1



  • bernardbernard Jupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for the bug report, it will be fixed in the next release (Ice 1.6). In the meantime, you can build the demos by adding %ICE_HOME%\lib\Ice.jar and %ICE_HOME%\lib\db.jar to your CLASSPATH.

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