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Why Run test errorH

I rebuild ice with ThirdParty-Sources-1.5.1 package from your site. Compiler is Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise with sp5 and stlport4.6.2. The build process seems ok, but when I run test suit, it report a error:

*** running tests in .\test\Ice\operations
tests with regular server.
starting server...
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "E:\Download\软Œ开发\ICE\Ice-1.5.1\test\Ice\operations\", line 26,
in ?
File ".\config\", line 278, in clientServerTest
clientServerTestWithOptions(name, "", "")
File ".\config\", line 274, in clientServerTestWithOptions
clientServerTestWithOptionsAndNames(name, additionalServerOptions, additiona
lClientOptions, "server", "client")
File ".\config\", line 255, in clientServerTestWithOptionsAndNames
File ".\config\", line 149, in getServerPid
ValueError: invalid literal for int(): .\test\Ice\operations\server: error: unkn
own exception in IceSSL plug-in
test in .\test\Ice\operations failed with exit status 1