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I have now read most of Ice's documentation, some parts many times, and I also read the IEEE article about Ice. You often compare Ice with Corba, which is great, but I can not remember to have seen any referance to RM-ODP in what I have read so far. Both Corba and other platforms like DCOM have been greately influenced by RM-ODP.

I am wondering if you have considered the abstractions presented in the RM-ODP specification when you designed Ice, or if you based your design on specific application needs (multiplayer gaming) and what seems to be your vast experience with Corba?

The underlying questioni is: Is also RM-ODP begining to became un outdated standard?



  • Sorry, I don't know anything about RM-ODP, so I cannot compare it to Ice. In fact, you are the first one to ever ask me about RM-ODP in my whole distributed computing career, which makes me think that RM-ODP is not used a lot.