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A problem about IcePack

I have deployed Icepack well, but when I use IcePack in server ,I can find properties defined in .xml files why?


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    We need a lot more information from you in order to provide any help. Please always mention your Ice version, operating system, and compiler version.

    Regarding your question, please show us your IcePack descriptors, or even better attach an archive containing a small example that demonstrates the problem.

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    - Mark
  • sorry,
    I am a beginer On Ice.
    The problem is this:
    I want to learn IcePack with c#,but there is no demo about IcePack with
    c# so I try to translate IcePack demos(Hello,simply)from java to c#,and copy files(config,application.xml server.xml ) to my demo dir. delete node
    IceBox(<include name="IceBox1" descriptor="icebox.xml">)
    change server kind to "cs" that is <kind="cs" >.
    and deploy it with IcePackNode and IcePackAdmin well.
    that's all .

    but when I trace to then code "string id=communicator().getproperties().getproperty("Identity")",
    I find id is null ,
    so code "adapter.add(obj,Ice.Util.stringToIdentity(id))" is error;

    I have study for several days,but I don't know why?
    I love Ice
    who can help me ? thank you !
  • Originally posted by W.noon
    change server kind to "cs" that is <kind="cs" >.

    Set the kind value to "cpp". ("cs" is not recognized by IcePack.)

    We will probably rearrange the way the IcePack deployment descriptors work for different languages, so we can get rid of all the language-specific knowledge in IcePack. But, for now, kind="cpp" will do the right thing.