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Puzzled by IcePack/Locator and IcePack/Query

I am learning IcePack in the book "Distributed Programming with Ice" and i am puzzled by the two concepts: IcePack/LocatorAIcePack/Query.

My problem is: They are all located in the adapter with endpoints of "IcePack.Registry.Client.Endpoints". I think IcePack/Locator is enough to provide all the functionality of IcePack/Query. What's difference between them ?

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    The Ice::Locator interface is used by the Ice run time to resolve indirect proxies. The IcePack registry implements this interface, but clients do not need to be aware of IcePack (they do not need to use any IcePack-specific interfaces).

    The IcePack registry also implements the IcePack::Query interface. This is an IcePack-specific interface for applications that are aware of IcePack and need additional lookup functionality.

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  • Thx, but i am still puzzled! Maybe i should read this chapter 3 times to master IcePack!:)