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RIP: Wish

DeepDiverDeepDiver Member Thomas MuellerOrganization: Freelance Software DeveloperProject: Project depend on Customers ✭✭✭
hi guys,

I'm very sorry for you about the latest news from mutablerealms about
the Wish project!
I think all of us developers know how bad everybody in the team feels
after such a decision!
You feel betrayed somehow - all these working on weekends, all these
pizza consuming night, all the time you did not share with family and
friends - everything is just wasted!

I really feel sorry for all of you!

Cheers guys - life goes on!



  • weidaweida Member
    I just feel the same...


  • smalleonsmalleon Member
    ANy ideas if this sad news will impact ICE or ZeroC continuation ?
  • marcmarc FloridaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Marc LaukienOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: The Internet Communications Engine ZeroC Staff
    If there is an impact, then it will be that some of the ZeroC staff who were also involved in Wish will now 100% focus on Ice again. Mutable Realms was just one out of many ZeroC customers.
  • The cancelment of WISH is the sadest thing ever happend in the history of (u)MMORPG's.

    One day, the day when all hope is vanished, a mighty elder cleric will arrive in Ganedan. After he gathered enough resources he was ready, ready to cast the most powerfull raise death spell ever performed. On that day WISH will return...

  • CrevinCrevin Member

    Yes, I am hoping the WISH source code still remains in the hands of someone who'd be willing to lease/sell/give it to the community.

    At www.projectwish.com we're trying to see what we can get done. Hopefully the fears of legal matters or buy outs are just that, fears/rumors. Even though the reason given for WISH shutting down was not true, at least in anyones eyes who has a small amount or more of common sense/logic, we still hold on to hope we can make our own Wish:)

    I suggest anyone reading this should read HERE:


    It pretty much says everything I could say about the wonderful game Wish and plans to bring Wish back to life. No need in saying it ALL over again on here, so if you're interested please read:)
  • MjollnirMjollnir Member
    Re: Re:
    Originally posted by Crevin

    I suggest anyone reading this should read HERE:


    page deleted?
  • CrevinCrevin Member

    We recently updated project wish forums and homepage:)

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