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mcrystalmcrystal Member Mayer CrystalOrganization: Goldman SachsProject: N/A
So I've moved on from the adapter and am now trying to handle the actual callbacks :). The server is calling the client and seems to be sending the data. However, on the client side, I am seeing the following in the log:

12/05/2007 17:03:40 Stride2.exe: warning: dispatch exception:
identity: bb79075c-b116-49b6-9e3a-301c30229635
operation: handleNotification
reason = (null)
type = "ce::Object♣ ☺☻ 0::com::gs::fig::common::glace::ident::Identifi
er▼ "
at IceInternal.IncomingBase.handleException__(Exception exc)
Caused by: Ice.MarshalException
at IceInternal.BasicStream.typeToClass(String id)
at IceInternal.BasicStream.loadObjectFactory(String id)

Now, I'm almost sure that the ObjectFactory is there - I've tried to register it manually and get the duplicate factory exception. I'm registering the factory using the ice_staticId() field of the class that it is a factory for, so I don't think that should be an issue. Any suggestions on this one? (BTW, my server is running Ice 3.1.0 and the client is 3.2.0 - has the protocol changed?)

Thanks again,


  • mcrystalmcrystal Member Mayer CrystalOrganization: Goldman SachsProject: N/A
    Nevermind - I think I was doing something dumb on my end :)
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