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ICE-3.2.1 Glacer2 SSL Context forward issue

I'm trying Glacier2 router on ICE 3.2.1 with C#.

The client connects to the router via SSL and creates session with user/passwd approach. The router connects to the server via TCP. My intention is to get the client's SSL information from the server side.

I set
in the router config,

However, it seems that at C# server side, both session servant and session manager servant get null context for incoming operations, thus no way check the "SSL.Active" item.

I've checked the SSL trace info on client, it shows that the SSL connection is used between client and router. Also I set the
on router, and it seems all requests forwarded to the server has no "context" information.

is there any hints?

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    mes California

    The SSL context is only passed along to servers when the router client authenticates itself by calling createSessionFromSecureConnection.

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